What is Asian Women in Leadership? 

So, you’re probably wondering what this campaign is really about. This campaign was designed to build a community of Asian women to support and empower each other to pursue leadership roles in their workplaces.

Why do we need to do this?

We already know that the glass ceiling exists and there are quotas in place to put a balance of gender back into workplace senior roles, but what we fail to see is the bamboo ceiling.

What is the bamboo ceiling?

Like the glass ceiling, this term was coined because of the lack of Asian individuals in senior level roles despite 9% of the population being of Asian background and having one of the highest levels of educational attainment… Yet only 2% are represented in the senior roles.
But why is this?

Because Asians have stereotyped to have poor communication skills and leadership potential to become leaders. These vague and defined ideals of leadership has created an unconscious bias against Asians.
Asian women not only have to break through the glass ceiling but also the bamboo ceiling.

It’s time to change the stigma surrounding both Asians and women in the workplace.

And it starts here, Asian Women in Leadership.


3 thoughts on “What is Asian Women in Leadership? 

  1. Great initiative, love seeing women champion each other in the workforce. It is of vital importance that we stop stereotyping others based on race and gender as we often overlook so remarkably talent individuals. Look forward to reading more.

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