How important is culture fit in the workplace?

When companies hire talent, one of the many attributes they look for in their candidates is their ability to adapt and work harmoniously with their existing company dynamic.

It is when there is a alignment of values of the company to the values held by the individual. Within a team, there are different roles in which each individual plays and that is the key feature that a hirer or recruiter will seek out when meeting potential employees. A resume only says so much about a person and an interview is where the company decides whether this individual will be able to thrive in their team and also be a piece of their puzzle in their company or team.

What does that have to do with anything but?

We need to understand that when we look for traits in individuals, we are bias to select those who resemble ourselves. That is because those who resemble ourselves, we trust more. It’s instinctual. But this greatly affects the hiring of Asian and women.

Having these stigmas of Asian and women, hinders the way we are able to see them fitting into the company culture.

Asian women need to be more self-aware in terms of cultural fluency but also realise that they should be more vocal to be more visible in the hiring process.

But I really believe that it should work on both ends of the spectrum. Whilst individuals are working towards being more culturally fluent,  employers need to recognise the different ways of leadership.



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