Spotlight: Dai Le

The first spotlight will be shone on Dai Le.dai_le_headshot

You probably haven’t heard of her name but she recently ran as an independent for a Mayor of Fairfield City Council. But her achievements don’t stop there. She is a key influencer to the movement of change in leadership models.

She is the founder of DAWN – DAWN – Diverse Australasian Women’s Network. She is a business woman. She is a writer. She is a refugee from Vietnam. She is a cancer survivor. She is Asian. She is a woman.

But, summarising her achievements so succinctly discredits her many feats. She has also been named on Westpac & AFR’s Top 100 Influential Women in Australia. There is a good reason for this! She has used her influence to positively to create change in society. Her accolades not only make her an admirable woman but her pursuit for equality for all is what really makes her stand out.

So, what is DAWN exactly?

DAWN is built on the idea of gaining a more diversity in leadership. It is a network that particularly focuses on Asian in breaking the bamboo ceiling and gain leadership positions.

They offer conferences, forums, networking sessions to enable all individuals to pursue leadership roles and also breakdown the stigma associated with Asians lacking the communication skills for a leadership position.

Personally, after reading more about Dai Le, I think she is an inspiration woman who has overcome so many obstacles to achieve what she has.

We need more role models and representation like Dai Le!


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