Why care about the Bamboo Ceiling?

More and more, we see the term “bamboo ceiling” moving towards the forefront of the agenda. But why is it so important we have Asians move up in organisations?

The impact of ceiling is substantial as Asians are the least likely to move into a executive position. Even women in general have better odds. Can you imagine the odds are for Asian women?

Asian women experience a double disadvantage and this is why this campaign particularly focuses on this minority. More corporations are paying attention to this underrepresentation and are continually implementing steps to see more diversity in their leadership roles. Corporations such as a Westpac and PwC have already taken some steps to include a diverse leadership board.

The reason we are experiencing a lack of progression is not due to lack of ability but because of the ingrained imagery of a typical leader being a Anglo male. Predominantly associated with leadership is about being assertive and decisive, which are normally found to be male type adjectives.

How does this affect businesses? Australia being in the Asia Pacific region have a lot to gain with having leaders of Asian background. Making key relationships with neighbouring Asian countries can only boost our economy. Diversity in leadership roles will only open up more room for development and innovation. Asians have high levels of educational attainment and this talent, an underused resource, can be a great asset to companies.

We’re missing out on a great opportunity to build relationships with our Asian neighbours simply because of stereotypes.

We need to start changing the way we think about leadership. We need to start seeing the possibilities with diverse leadership. We need to empower each other to see progression of Asian women.

Asian women can be leaders, we can break both the glass ceiling and the bamboo ceiling. #BeRoofless





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