Is there unconscious bias in hiring practices?

I’ve been told that recruiters and employers favour candidates that resemble themselves. Naturally, we like and trust people who look like ourselves or we can see ourselves in.

There are many biases that exist.

Confirmation Bias – bias where the employer already has an existing opinion of the candidate and uses the new information and answers presented to reaffirm their opinion.

Effective Heuristic – this is basically where the employer judges you by your cover. Got tattoos? Overweight? Too attractive? These superficial factors have an effect on judgement of someone and their character.

Expectation Anchor – this occurs when the interviewer does not look into the merits of the candidate but relied on arbitrary expectations. This is also when favouritism occurs.

Intuition – this is when the employer makes judgements on the candidate based on their ‘gut’. They are essentially using a superpower that detects the potential of a candidate.

So what does this unconscious bias mean for potential employees? What does it mean for Asian women?

If we don’t have representation in the higher boards, are we set to automatically fail?

It again falls back onto the imagery that the leadership is dominated by Anglo males. The more we can see women in leadership and the more we get them on making decisions, the more we will see Asians and Asian women in particular move up in the corporate ladder.

This is what our spotlighting articles are designed to do. See the successes of Asian women in leadership.


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