Spotlight: Jane Lu

This week, I would like to spotlight a business woman, Jane Lu.

Jane Lu is the founder of the online retailer, Showpo. Lu definitely did not succeed with her online store without some bumps in the road.

Lu started off working in a corporate job but found herself following a more entrepreneurial root that lead her to starting up a store in her very own garage. Her first business did fail, but evidently, she did not give up.

Showpo, from its humble beginnings in 2010, is now a global retailer that ships to 45 countries and boosts a big social media following. The retailer understand the new digital landscape of the modern world and has really capitalised on the rapid growth of online shopping. The Showpo team is really small, only have 19 staff members, which you can see translating in clothing selling at an affordable price point.

Showpo has its sights set on growing further and we hope Lu the best of luck in her endevours.

Lastly, but most definitely not the least important, Lu is also an advocate for female bosses, starting a community called, Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine (Love the nifty name of the group!). A really good cause that we can all get behind!

Lu has attended and spoken at many events about her successes and specifically about women in leadership roles which really goes to show that women, in particular, Asian women, are boss ass bitches!




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