Different effective leadership styles

We have to acknowledge there is never a one-way approach to anything. This is the same for leadership. Leadership comes in many different forms and its effectiveness depends on the team dynamics.

After some search on the internet, here is a summary of what the general consensus of an effective leader looks like.

Leaders mainly will have:

  • focus
  • confidence
  • integrity
  • inspiration
  • passion

Other characteristics include:

  • transparency
  • innovation
  • patience
  • stoicism
  • vision
  • courage
  • humility
  • strategic planning
  • cooperation

So, it is understood that effective leaders must know what direction they are headed and have the confidence to guide and pursue these goals with their team. But it is also important for these figures to have integrity, inspiration and passion as these are the characteristics that individual respect and can follow. You can’t feign genuine passion and it is also really hard to respect someone who does not possess integrity.


In this infographic above, we can see the difference in leadership practices within different cultures. But are we able to say one is more effective than the other?

Anglo leadership values the charismatic type leadership and Asians often fail to fit that criteria because of the ingrained stereotype that Asians lack communication skills. In a sense, we could almost say this is racial profiling.

While core capabilities are what drive the decision on leadership, how much does style play into the promotion of leaders?

Why can’t a leader from an Asian country succeed in a Western country as a leader? Must the western world change its view on leadership styles or do capable employees must change themselves to fit the criterion?

To read more on differing leadership styles, click here.


4 thoughts on “Different effective leadership styles

  1. I learnt that in Asian cultures, there’s usually a bigger divide between a boss and their employees. Bringing that kind of workplace culture into a society that values collaboration and leadership as opposed to bosses and employees, doesn’t really work in a way that’s functional for either party.

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