Spotlight: Lily Wu

This week on our spotlight segment, we are featuring the founder of Austern International, Lily Wu.

A little bit about Austern International…

Austern began from an idea from Wu to place Australians in Chinese internships. This idea got the backing of AMP Tomorrow Maker grant and what we have today is a program that connects Australian students with internships in Asian countries. Really tailoring the start-up to the needs of the student body, Wu joined forces with Jamie Lee. Noticing the little value produced from unpaid internships, Austern International provides a distinguishable offering of career bootcamps.

Whilst Wu was still studying full-time at UNSW, she was able to take over 100 students with a handful of organiser in the first eight months of starting Austern. If that is not an amazing feat of itself, she is a published author of two children’s books – achieved at the age of 13 and 15.

Because Wu was studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring Accounting and Business Law, she understood the value of getting practical experience and enriching your portfolio. Especially in the era of the ‘Asian century’, it is important to make those lasting connections with the neighbouring Asian countries.

Wu is not only an individual who exemplifies the achievements are possible, but how to evolve an idea into a fully executed plan. She created her own leadership role by leading an idea to fruition.

Support of small start-ups are what drives innovation and what propels society to continually improve the lives of others.

Support the small people with big ideas.



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