10 Common Mistakes that Employers make – Part one.

Employers are overlooking great talent due to precursory notions of what Asian women leadership would look like.

The Drive for Success

  1. Only rewarding results

The effort is often just as important. When rewarding the main employee of their success, don’t forget to acknowledge those behind the scenes. Big projects require a team, it’s easy for employees to lose motivation along the way when their hard work is not appreciated.


  1. Not leading by example

A non-motivated leader cannot motivate others. If you’re a leader trying to motivate your team but you are not motivated yourself, your team will find your motivation dishonest and take your words less seriously.


  1. Not taking a genuine interest in your employees.

It’s important to be interested in your employee’s future career and act as a mentor or coach that helps them achieve their goals. When an employee feels that they are appreciated and cared about by their leader, they will take your opinion more sincerely and strive to work harder towards their goals.


  1. Not listening

It’s a…

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